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Hi, there! My name is alex rodríguez santibáñez.

I'm a freelance creative director, designer and strategic innovator.

From Mexico City currently based in Barcelona worldwide.

Digital Nomad + Creative Director

Experiencing life, culture and exploring the world.

After having worked in the advertising industry for +10 years, in May 2017 my wife and I decided to embrace a nomadic lifestyle.


All of this nomadic experience is now at the service of creativity and strategy through collaboration with multiple agencies, developing new personal projects and consulting in different parts of the world.


In the last 24 months I've:

  • Bootstrapped our own silk company from Dubai.
  • Learned to do some gardening in London, UK
  • Redesigned the brand and website for a B&B in Rome, Italy.
  • Naming and design for a local Hotel Boutique in Mérida, México
  • Taking care of chickens in Stirling, Scotland!

My Expertise

I've worked with global, regional and local brands.

In the past years, I've been lucky enough to work as an integrated creative director, as a copywriter and as an art director for multiple agencies.


Todo esto como director creativo integrado, a veces como redactor
y otros como director de arte.


Mainly, self-taught.
Ciencias de la Comunicación (dropout)


100% Native Spanish
95% English
50% French
And recently a bit of Catalan.

Some of the agencies with which I have been able to work.

(And others with which I have worked as a freelancer)



If you are interested in my work or just want to get in touch, send me an email we schedule a Skype or Meet.